Saturday, 14 January 2017

Winds of Change

Winds of Change

Didn’t we see it coming? They were around the corner! They blow and they stir up things! Let’s embrace them with dignity and much needed rational attitude. There are going to be the usual naysayers… let’s hear them out… in their resistance may lie our strength… in their arguments may lie their answers… the earlier we realize, the better.
The unprecedented support this new wave of change achieved at the Navsari Anjuman could just be the beginning. Let’s not allow it to wane in the shadows of mud-slinging. Let us not leave the turn of events to chance. Let us take this as an opportunity to turn the sails to our advantage. Let us look into our scriptures the very connoisseurs who claim that such steps are “Against our religion” and with due respect let it be known to them that even if it maybe so, change is inevitable. They are far less in numbers but they are the ones whose voices are heard. This time around let our sounds be heard … let the pitch be low but the motive be clear.
It is not about who is right and who isn’t. It is about what is the right thing to do henceforth. Let the community not be divided on this issue, instead let us try and convince them, the ones trying to move against the winds… it’s for a larger good. If they don’t in spite of our efforts, never mind. They will come around, but for now let us move ahead, in the direction of the winds of change.
Lord Ahuramazda is the ‘Wise Lord’, and we being followers of His faith, it’s high time to prove our wisdom. The Law of Mazda cleanses the faithful from every evil thought, word and deed, as swift-rushing, mighty wind cleanses the plain. Let this wind of change that has begun to blow from Navsari do the same for us. As a simple, fairly knowledgeable mortal, I quote Socrates, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”
Nozzer Pardiwala
(Teacher, Author, Film-Maker and Creative Director, bLOGiMLY)

Saturday, 7 January 2017

The lure of Bollywood

The lure of Bollywood.
    I am a die hard fan of Hindi Film Industry, Shabanaji insists we refer to it as that. I agree, Bollywood sounds too sold out.
Having watched Lunchbox I realised as a viewer, such simple heartfelt stories can be told and can be sold. Of course it needed the backing of a couple of well known Production Companies to get it to viewers in India.
As a film maker it enticed me that this is my kind of cinema and yes there are many who want to tell stories like these.
I just can't get over Lunchbox. I just can't get over the fact that Irrfan Khan is such a fine actor. I cannot get over the fact that Nawazuddin Siddiqui was so cutely irritating with his "Sir Sir Sir". I can't get over the fact that that Nimrat Kaur could be so naturally beautiful in her rendition of the role of a housewife. And of course how could I get over the fact that there could be a character in the film which is only a voice.
I was privileged to have a personal encounter with Ritesh Batra at the " Politic License" which was his endeavour to revive the Parsi - Irani restaurants in Mumbai.
Having observed him and heard him speak of his ideas and sharing his journey about The Lunchbox , I wondered if he too would be lured by the Dazzle of Bollywood.
I repeat I have nothing against fact I love it ... it's like in my veins. But glad Ritesh Moved on and comes up with "The sense of an ending" based on Julian Barnes's book with the same title.
Glad he didn't stick around to make a Romcom or a Muti-starrer family drama. Glad he picked a story that is as unique as Lunch box and that I as a viewer want to see.
( I may have to wait for that ... since it doesn't release in India, not very soon)
As a film maker I am glad he chooses to tell a story he wants to and not what shall sell.

Here's wishing a great Journey to Ritesh Batra for "The Sense of an ending" ...success lies in the beauty of his creation, anyways.

Nozzer Pardiwala

*This is my heartfelt view after having watched the trailer of the film.